HAARP Status, Chemtrail Forecast and TheWeatherSpace.com’s Kevin Martin exposed as an unqualified fraud and a pathological liar who detests his followers

TheWeatherSpace.com “CEO” has finally admitted to being behind the now widely considered fake ‘HAARP Status’ and ‘chemtrail forecast’, along with being a fraud, being unqualified and having complete contempt for his audience, whom he terms his “traffic”.

A rather peculiar weather prediction website with a strangely egotistical and unprofessional American sole-owner appeared online a few years back, and since, with around 5,000+ Facebook likes, it became followed by some in the amateur weather research community.

The owner Kevin Martin would continuously call himself “Senior Meteorologist” and “CEO” of TheWeatherSpace.com and make grandiose claims about how successful he is. His site continues to generate little online activity compared to other weather sites, and appears to use weather service data to make obvious weather predictions he uses to gain clout. He maintains that chemtrail aerosol spraying programmes, geoengineering and control of the weather emphatically do not exist. He began to raise the ire of the scientific research community and activists alike when he went from these kinds of daily disinformation campaigns to then hosting on his own site TheWeatherSpace.com what he claimed did not belong to him; “chemtrail and HAARP prediction” systems by name ‘HAARP Status’ and ‘Chemtrail Forecast’, also with their own separate domains. He would then claim he only hosts this on his site to “generate traffic and use extra space, even if he doesn’t agree with the views of the author”, or words to that effect, and continued to poorly attempt to debunk the scientific and historical facts of these agendas he denies the existence of, to this day one might assume.


One look from those more knowledgeable of weather control, geoengineering and chemtrail programmes, able to identify their hallmarks and patterns, told those more experienced researchers that the charts were bogus. The data appeared as modified versions of official extreme weather data and contrail predictions. Martin would claim he is provided this data exclusively through NOAA, NASA, and others, and also uses his own special system. Before too long, similar versions for Europe and Australia appeared, and activists drew a line in the sand and called him out for what we already knew him to be.

Unfortunately, less experienced researchers bought into these charts, and even though others attempted to warn them, the fake material was shared around anti-chemtrail social media and websites, believed real by some at that time in the activist community.

Fraudster: Kevin Martin styles himself like Johnny Depp.

Martin saw the need to remind his followers that his photos really are him, and not Johnny Depp! Egomaniac much?

Well, now there can be no doubt in anyone’s mind that not only is Martin the sole fraud behind it all, but he is also unqualified.

Kevin Martin, the man behind TheWeatherSpace.com himself has publicly outed himself as a fraud and pathological liar to multiple Facebook friends:


Did he actually think his fake ‘friends’ would not take issue with this clear publicly admitted deception of his “traffic”, and would not tell anyone? In the above capture you can clearly see what he really thinks of anyone who is stupid enough to believe his shit. Akin to what you can see online from any troll. They like to think no one has them figured out. Usually the opposite is true.

He has also publicly admitted to not being a qualified meteorologist:


As you see above, at his lowest, following news that the HAARP facility in Gakona, Alaska had been temporarily shutdown, he created a fake news story (no longer online) on his own website claiming that he himself had attained the lease for the facility and was to participate in future research. This fraudlent story made the rounds pretty quickly in the alternative media, and was debunked so quickly that the next day he posted as himself on his Facebook and website claiming one of the other “admins” had hacked the page and wrote it all! Does he attempt to play himself off against himself, simply to paint activists as fraudulent? Probably. These tactics are the only recourse for those who deny the truth.

And for a final note on this cretin, a bit of laughable reading before this guy is retired to the dirtpile of history that all shills, debunkers and trolls eventually end up on, in these kinds of articles published through his own website that he writes in third-person about himself, he just show the lengths of utter falsity he is willing to put out there, along with the self-praise he thinks himself worthy of as he peddles his snake oil. Don’t buy it anymore.


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